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Officers for the 2003 term

President:  Barb Cibella
Vice President:  Michele Gordon
Secretary:  Alison Campbell
Treasurer:  Kathy Fowler

Join the Friends of the Bristol Public Library and become a member of one of the fastest growing organizations in town!  Applications are available at the library's circulation desk.  Membership dues are $25 for a patron, $10 for a family, $5 for an individual, $3 for a senior citizen and $1 for a student.  It's tax deductible, too.

And, membership has its privileges!  Membership entitles you to entrance to the Friends' annual used book sale "Preview Evening", participation in Friends' programs and projects, and the opportunity to do volunteer work in the library.

If you are a Friend, you now have a wonderful opportunity to do volunteer work in the library. Why not spend your extra time surrounded by all those great books you love to read?

The volunteer work that a Friend would perform includes:  checking the materials on the shelves to make sure they are in proper order and aligned correctly, cleaning library shelves, cleaning library materials (including laundering puppets), picking up litter on the grounds, delivering and displaying library program signs throughout the community and finally, assisting with other activities as available.

Volunteers may work 1-2 hours at a time and perform those duties in which they are interested.

See Friends of  the Library, USA for items of interest to Friends groups.

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